How to clean your pool filter

Every swimming pool will have a filtration system that includes your filter, skimmer box and pool pump and the filtration system is necessary to keep your pool water circulating. Constant circulating water is vital for the health of your pool. There are two main types of filters – cartridge filter and media filters (sand or glass).

Media Filter (Glass or Sand)

All media filters will require regular backwashing, cloudy water is a good sign its long overdue. Backwashing clears the media from dirt and grime. If you are manually vacuuming your pool then you should immediately backwash your media filter after vacuuming. We recommend weekly backwashing of your media filter. Media Filters are easy to clean and heavy duty.

How to backwash your media filter:

  • Turn off the pool pump
  • Turn the valve handle to “BACKWASH”
  • Start the pool pump
  • Backwash until water in sight glass is clear (approximately 2-3 minutes)
  • Turn off the pool pump again
  • Turn the valve handle to “RINSE”
  • Start the pool pump and operate for 30 seconds to one minute
  • Stop pool pump
  • Turn the valve handle to “FILTER”
  • Start the pool pump to return to normal filtering
  • Check the water chemistry levels. Sometimes extra water and/ or chemicals may need to be added to the pool to replace what has been lost

The sand or glass itself needs to be changed every 3-5 years depending on the circumstances.

Media Filter


Cartridge Filter

The gauge on your filter should tell you when to clean the cartridge. We recommend cleaning your cartridge 3-4 times per year depending on the size of your pool.

How to clean your cartridge filter:

  • Turn off the pool pump
  • Check that you do not have an automatic timer on the pump that may interrupt your cleaning cycle
  • Remove the cartridge from the filter via the easy grip handles
  • Check the cartridge for any rips or tears and if so, contact your local pool shop or service person to see if you require a replacement
  • Use a normal garden hose to wash away debris, by hosing top to bottom
  • If your cartridge appears to have a lot of remaining debris or algae you can soak the cartridge for between 1-8 hours in a simple solution that you can purchase from your local pool shop or service person. This will then require rinsing again as outlined in step 5
  • Once the cartridges are clean, return them to the filter and secure the lid firmly

Cartridges should last approximately 18 months to 3 years depending on the amount of usage and debris in the pool. At this point it is best to completely replace the cartridges to ensure the best health for both the filter and the pool.



Disclaimer: Each pool installation is different, and pool, filtration, heating, and chlorination systems can vary, so please make sure to check with your pool specialist before following any of the above information. Always check your manufacturer’s manual for the most up to date warranty and maintenance information.

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