Single speed or variable speed pump?

A pump is required on all swimming pools, it provides pressure to pump water through the pool equipment and sanitisation system. Here at Rippleside pools we always install the highest quality, Australian made products, and when referring to pumps the best option is a variable speed pump. Find our more HERE Filter Pump – Sunlover Heating – Solar Pool Heating

Variable speed pump:

  • Energy saving and reduced electricity costs by up to 70% p/a compared to a single speed pump.
  • Reduced noise, the advanced power of the pump allows for more effective flow and less noise.
  • Highly adjustable flow rates
  • Ideal for high flow applications such as spa jets and where in-floor cleaners are used

Single speed pump:

  • Cheaper upfront costs
  • Reliability (dependant on the sized of your pool)



Disclaimer: Each pool installation is different, and pool, filtration, heating, and chlorination systems can vary, so please make sure to check with your pool specialist before following any of the above information. Always check your manufacturer’s manual for the most up to date warranty and maintenance information.

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