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Late nights, early mornings and crisp winter afternoons can all be enjoyed with a pool or spa heat pump bringing the heat. Sunlover Heating offers a complete range of swimming pool heaters and heat pumps for all your pool heating needs.

Our newest and high performance pool and spa heat pumps have raised the bar on efficiency, performing up to 85% more efficiently than older style pumps. Technologically advanced with variable, multi-speed designs, these pool pumps are capable of doing the same job as a normal pool pump, but in a way that uses less energy and is whisper quiet. With low operating costs and easy and fast installation, the solution to extending your swimming season is right here. Save energy and enjoy a comfortable pool temperature with a little help from Sunlover Heating and our wide pool heater collection.

Leading the Australian pool heat pump industry, the intelligent controller can adjust the heat pump’s capacity automatically to maximise the excess energy produced by your PV system.

With up to four smart user-programmable PV Ready operating modes*, your Oasis heat pump offers the ability to adapt to various conditions, giving you enhanced control over your home energy usage.

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