Salt Chlorinator

Salt chlorination is the standard and effective form of sanitisation for home swimming pools. The salt chlorinator is a piece of pool equipment that turns salt into chlorine. You may hear them referred to as saltwater pools however, it is very unlikely that any pool will be free from chlorine. If there was no sanitation chemical like chlorine, your pool water would not be safe for swimming. Chlorine keeps the pool water free from bugs, germs, and algae. The water, if balanced correctly, should not taste salty or hurt the eyes.

The electric cell you see near your pool filtration system is what transforms the salt into chlorine via a reaction called electrolysis. This form of chlorination is much easier and safer compared to the old manual dosing of liquid chlorine. Salt is added to the pool water when the chlorine is low and to maintain chlorine levels.

How to use your Oasis Chlorinator 

Benefits of using a salt chlorinator

  • Lower levels of chlorine in pool water
  • ‘soft’ water that is gentler on hair, eyes and skin.
  • Reduced costs spent of high chlorine dosing.
  • Extended pool shell life and colour.
  • Reduced damage to pool equipment.


Disclaimer: Each pool installation is different, and pool, filtration, heating, and chlorination systems can vary, so please make sure to check with your pool specialist before following any of the above information.

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